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    Learn to manage personal finances and investments from our Expert Faculty and Gurus.


The Executive Program in Investment Management offers a comprehensive investment toolkit

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Executive Program in Investment Management Courses

(Distance Education)
Do you know how to manage your personal finances and investments?

Personal Financial Management is mandatory in today’s world. It provides the means of keeping track of personal expenses, personal debt and investments. Subsequently, it helps one calculate their personal net worth, and work towards building it.

Why is this important?
Inflation depreciates the value of money; a Rupee today is worth more than a Rupee tomorrow. There may be numerous expenses, expected as well as unexpected, which may come up in the future, such as having to pay for children’s education, medical emergencies or even holiday travel expenses. Therefore, one must plan their finances suitably for the future. Even more importantly, one needs to build a kitty for life, in order to maintain the lifestyle they’re accustomed to. One of the simplest ways to achieve the goal of financial stability and safety is to understand how to examine personal finances, make savings and invest those savings to multiple one’s money.

The Executive Program in Investment Management (EPIM) is a culmination of latest investment techniques and cutting-edge academic research designed to help students develop a sound foundation in investment strategy to maximize their portfolio's performance.

Some of the other notable benefits of being a part of the program are:

  • It will help you understand recent and likely future developments in investment management
  • It will help you employ better evaluation of performance measurements and risk management reporting
  • It will help you deliver confident decision-making based on a broader and more comprehensive understanding of the entire investment process
  • It will cover all right from basics of time value of money to investment planning, leading to various investment avenues like equity, FOREX, commodities
  • It will help you learn the tools and techniques to identify potential investment opportunities and take decisions on what and when to invest


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EPIM Student


EPIM Student

As a commerce graduate, I was qualified to work, at best, as a Junior Executive. Now, after EPIM, I am a Portfolio Manager!


EPIM Student

EPIM helped me make a major career choice. I want to be an investment manager in my own Wealth Management Firm.