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What is EPIM?

The Executive Program in Investment Management (EPIM) has been designed to address the growing need of a formal qualification for professionals with a career in personal investment. Financial markets are a broad concept of which the stock market is a key component. This program aims to provide aspirants in the field, specialist knowledge of Personal Investment. This will help fresher’s in the field develop clarity of the market operations and the roles played within.
By the end of the program, you will have a sophisticated toolkit to better manage asset allocation, portfolio optimization, risk measurement, factor models of returns, active-passive management, long-short investing, performance measurement and style analysis. Finally, you will have a good understanding of recent developments in the industry and how they are having an impact on all aspects of investment management.


This program is the best that a participant can join, as it gives many advantages to them:

  • You can pursue the program along with your current educational and professional assignments
  • The course is also suited for individuals who want to get a thorough know-how of the financial market before they start investing in the stock markets
  • The learner will be able to make a self-dependant investment decision.
  • Identifying and analyzing financial product for investment.


BIL has 27 years of experience in imparting financial markets training to professionals, individual investors, and participants; from India and other parts of the world. Our faculty pool and course designers comprise the best talents from the industry with vast experience in the field. The program will cover major functional areas pertaining to financial markets training like the equity; derivatives; commodity; FOREX markets, market analysis, and Portfolio Management.

While there is a general consensus that playing the stock market has made many a millionaire, there are enough people out there who are wary of the fact that the bears and the bulls can be pretty unpredictable making you lose your fortune too.

Hence, this program has been designed to enable you to become an intelligent investor. It starts off with the basic presumption that you are a novice in the game. After introducing you to the bare basics, it gradually widens its horizons and teaches you about various investment avenues and the tools and techniques used to analyze the options available and make informed decisions.


In order to apply for the program, participants must submit the following documents:
  • Completely filled in application forms for the Executive Program in Investment Management
  • Duly attested photocopy of mark sheets for all years of graduation
  • An Application Fee of Rs. 200/- has to be paid in Demand Draft drawn in favor of BSE Institute Limited, payable at Mumbai

I have no prior background in mathematics. Am I still eligible?

Yes you are eligible.

What is the program duration?

EPIM is a 2 semester program spread across 1 year.

What if I’m unable to complete the course within a year?

Your enrolment will remain valid for one year subject to payment of full course fees. However, you may extend it to the second year in case of any backlogs or missed examinations.

What if I can’t clear all the papers in 2 years?

Enrolment can be renewed by payment of Rs. 3000/- and re-examination fee of Rs. 500/- per paper.

What if I don’t pay instalment on time?

A nominal fine of Rs 2000 will be levied after 7 days grace period along with instalment amount.

Will I get any study materials to refer?

Yes, books will be delivered to you on payment of full fees and online links will also be mailed to you.

Can I download the online sessions?

Download right is not available due to IPR issue.

What about exams?

Participants will undertake an examination at the end of each semester.

When will I get the certificate?

You will be given a certificate after successful completion of the program.

Will EPIM be a University recognized program?

EPIM is an industry-designed, autonomous program and not affiliated with any recognized University / AICTE etc. BSE Institute Limited reserves all the rights to make change whatsoever with regards to the program.

Will I be given a certificate if I do not score minimum marks in any of the exam? Can I start with the next semester?

The certificate will be given only after successful completion of the semester. You can re-appear for the exam after paying re - exam fee and on a scheduled date. Yes, you can begin the next semester, but the certificate will be given only on clearing the exams of all subjects.

Will the program be solely about the BSE?

No, this program aims to provide specialized knowledge of personal investment. Knowledge about BSE will be shared, but as an institution within the Indian stock market, as per the syllabus.

Will full payment of fee carry any discount?

No, there will be no discount on fees.

Can I pay fee in instalments?

Yes. Please find he below instalment method

Time of Payment
Initial Payment Rs. 6,200 + 15% Service Tax (incl. Swachh Bharat Cess & Krishi Kalyan Cess, W.e.f. 1st June, 2016). With Application
First Payment Rs. 18,000 + 15% Service Tax (incl. Swachh Bharat Cess & Krishi Kalyan Cess, W.e.f. 1st June, 2016). One month after Application
Second Payment Rs. 24,000 + 15% Service Tax (incl. Swachh Bharat Cess & Krishi Kalyan Cess, W.e.f. 1st June, 2016). Five months after Application

Are there any charges for the application?

Yes, there is an application fee of Rs. 200. You can download the application form and mail it to us.

Will I be eligible for any of the International Programs offered by BSE Institute Limited?

The eligibility criteria for the international programs of BIL are based on the programs being offered. Some of the programs have graduation as the eligibility criteria.

What about the International study visit?

Organizing International Study visit is subject to the number of participants. Cost of the visit is to be borne by the students.

Will I be eligible for any discount, on being a EPIM participant from BSE Institute Limited, for any of the other courses offered by BSE Institute Limited?

There are no such offers available currently for any EPIM participant.

Can I cancel my candidature after fee payment? How much amount will I be refunded? Can I transfer my fee to some other program?

Fees paid for the program is non-refundable.