Executive Program in Investment Management


The stock market provides the life-blood for any successful company, with capital, in the form of money, and security against business risk. It helps the companies to not only acquire the much-needed funds to run a business but also security against the risks that are involved in carrying out big transactions.

The stock market is also an excellent investment avenue for the common man where higher returns can be earned in comparison to any other investment channel! Below is a chart that shows the returns on an investment of Rs. 10, 000 period in a 10-year span from various forms of investment.

Returns on an investment of Rs. 10,000 at the end of 10 years (Ref: Internet Sources)

The stock market industry has a long history of attracting energetic and ambitious individuals who are looking for the best paying opportunities within a short span of their career.

The Indian Stock Market is in an exciting phase where it is growing at a fast pace to keep up with the global demand for Brand India! The radical highs and lows of the Sensex, always maintaining the upswing highlights the rapid phase of growth and changes that have accelerated the economy’s growth trajectory!

Executive Program in Investment Management (EPIM) Program
offers a comprehensive investment toolkit, enabling you to select individual instruments, evaluate investment strategies, and measure performance effectively. The program is structured around the cutting-edge research and case studies which illustrate the real-life challenges faced by professionals in the fund management industry.